KDP first in Iraqi Kurdistan election

Lester Mason
October 24, 2018

The KDP's historic rival and junior coalition partner in government, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), was in second place with 21 seats, the commission said in a news conference.

Despite the fact that election results are now announced, the Kurdish judiciary commission will need to formally accept the results, Mr Awakaly said. "So, we will pursue an appeal on the results of the election".

The PUK's candidate Saleh won that race, maintaining a tacit accord between the two parties which sees the PUK take the federal presidency while the KDP holds the Kurdistan presidency.

The number of Kurdish voters has shrunk in recent elections as the region's stagnant politics, unpaid public sector salaries and corruption have undermined the population's faith in politics.

Anwar said that the Gorran Movement, which lost half of its seats in the Kurdish parliament, will decide whether to participate in the next cabinet at an upcoming party meeting.

Asked about the government formation process, the political figure revealed disputes among Bina Alliance members over the distribution of ministerial shares.

The regional election commission is comprised of representatives of all major parties in Iraq's Kurdish region.

The commission said on Sunday the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) received 45 seats after gaining around over 700,000 votes, falling 12 seats short of an outright majority in the 111-seat body.

The remainder of the seats were won by smaller, mainly Islamic parties.

According to Abdel Hakim Khasraw, an Erbil-based analyst, the reaction of the opposition parties was expected but some of them are likely to change their position in the coming weeks.

"Gorran Movement has rejected the results and it has not made a final decision yet".

In the outgoing parliament, Gorran had twice as many seats, 24, compared to their showing this election and the KIU alone had six.

The Gorran party came in third.

"The new Kurdish regional government will be formed with or without the opposition". The PUK came out on top with the election of Barham Salih.

The presidency has been reserved for the Kurds since Iraq's first multi-party elections in 2005, held two years after the US-led invasion.

The Iraqi Kurdish presidency has, however, been left vacant since Barzani stepped down following a failed independence referendum past year.

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