Alcohol, tobacco high cause of breast cancer

Leslie Hanson
November 1, 2018

Prof. Lamptey said scans and x-rays and pathological test are often used to diagnose cancer, adding that from age 20 every woman should examine the breast once a month. This is critical to avoid missing an early lesion, and hence diagnosing an early breast cancer. Global Breast Cancer Therapeutics Market 2018 study report covers all major geographical regions and sub-regions in the world and concentrates on product sales, value, market size and growth opportunities in these regions. Also known simply as the Breast Cancer Care App, BECCA is available on smart phones, tablets, and computers.

"Male patients with breast cancer tend to present with a lump in their breast", she said.

"Fear is not going to help you because if you become afraid of the unknown because you assume it is just that, or even if you get a diagnosis so you are afraid of doing anything, the cancer is not afraid; it is going to move on".

"I had the mastectomy then after six weeks I had chemotherapy".

Hence it is of utmost importance to understand your breast's health, and undergo routine checkups for a higher chance of successful treatment.

To heal, she turned to writing, something she'd done since her teenage years. The Breast Cancer Screening Tests market report proposes complete synopsis of the market, covering several characteristics such as product definition, market breakdown based on several constraints, supply chain analysis, and the fundamental Key Players outlook.

SMG3's mission is to reduce the incidence of breast cancer, decrease mortality rates, and assist the individuals and families of those who have been impacted by breast cancer.

She said that the project was initially started under the ministry of Health in 2009 with an allocation of Rs. 421 million; however in post devolution, in CDWP meeting held in 2012, the PC-1 of the project was revised to Rs. 225 million and was handed over to the recently-dissolved CADD ministry.

"It was not easy but I had my family, friends, church members praying and supporting me the way I wanted and I was able to fight breast cancer", she narrated. "SMG3's support for breast cancer research reflects a company-wide commitment to bettering the lives of others", says Nancy Gorski, Presidents & CEO of SMG3.

She said the team is committed to getting anyone the immediate attention they need should they be concerned about breast cancer, and Breast Friends is easily accessible. That progress is attributed to improvements in early detection and treatment protocols.

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