From Antarctica iceberg broke off giant size

Mindy Sparks
November 2, 2018

In the Antarctic glacier pine island a huge iceberg broke away. The latest occurred this weekend. As reported by Gizmodo, with an area of 115 square miles, "that is five times more in Manhattan". By comparison, TU Delft expert Stef Lhermitte told Earther that the tabular iceberg that went viral on the Internet is probably less than 2.5 square kilometres. It is time for the masses to wake up. If in the beginning of this century the emergence of the iceberg of this magnitude have occurred every five years after 2013, the rate increased fourfold. But since 2013, there have been four calving events including one a year ago.

Icebergs break off the front of glaciers on the regular because glaciers are giant rivers of ice.

What happened on the glacier pine island in recent years, can be a sign that the stream of icebergs is increasing and the glacier is drastically reduced. Measuring the thickness of ice on pine island, the researchers found that it was much less. In addition, the ice has thinned approximately one meter per year in the last 15 years, while it has thrown some 45,000 million tons per year.

If the disintegration continues, there's concerns it could lead to something called "marine ice cliff instability", where the walls of ice at the calving front get progressively taller due to the downward slope of the bedrock beneath it.

"Changes in pine island from the point of view of weight loss and the melting of the ice shelf, apparently, more important for future sea-level rise than any other, because this is one of the potential hot in the truest sense of the word points in Antarctica", said Lermitt.

So forget the "freakberg" and keep your eyes on where the real drama is.

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