Single mom from Iowa claims huge Powerball jackpot

Lloyd Doyle
November 6, 2018

West thought she put the lottery ticket in her purse, but she accidentally left it on the floor of her sister's truck.

When a friend texted the day after the drawing to ask if she had won, West said she hadn't had a chance to check.

In winning the Powerball jackpot, West overcame odds of one in 292.2 million, CBS noted.

Around noonish ... I said to [my sister], 'I'm really hungry and I need coffee, can you please take me to Casey's [General Store] so I can get a slice of pizza and a coffee?' So her and I went to Casey's in Redfield ... and I said, 'Oh yeah, can I get my lottery tickets?' ...

West said that once it is fully established, the Callum Foundation will begin accepting requests for help in 2019.

Then she called her sister. "It was red, red, red, red, red, red, jackpot, and I thought I've done something wrong again", West said.

West's ticket split the Powerball jackpot in the October 27 drawing with a ticket purchased in New York City.

West opted to take the prize money in a lump sum which equates to roughly $198 million with taxes taken out.

A biography on the site of a charity she established says West has three adult daughters, six grandchildren, and seven siblings.

"Once you have won, you realize the responsibility and the impact you can make, and all the frivolity goes out the window", West told reporters in a press conference on Monday morning.

West is establishing the Callum Foundation, named after her grandson who died after being born in April.

She plans to buy a new house and replace her auto, a Ford Fiesta with 142,000 miles (228,500 kilometres) "that people have beat up".

Lerynne West claims her $275 million Powerball prize.

West, who retired from Welmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield after the win, says she plans to buy a new auto for herself and take vacations.

She worked in corn and soybean fields as a teenager, didn't graduate from high school but earned a GED diploma and took night classes to get a college degree in human resources in 2006.

The 51-year-old worked for a health insurance organization, but says she retired last week- barely a month after starting a new job.

"Friday, October 26 ... was kind of special for me because I had bought my first home", West said, adding, "I was moving that day".

Ms West bought the ticket in Redfield, a community of 800 people about 50km west of Des Moines. I played the lottery twice a week when I had the money to do it.

She'll be sharing the $688 million prize with a Big Apple resident, who has yet to come forward.

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