AMD EPYC 'Rome': Zen 2 on 7nm, 64C/128T of CPU power

Lloyd Doyle
November 7, 2018

At its event AMD implied that the first CPUs based on its Zen 3 microarchitecture will ship in 2020, so it is natural to expect Zen 4 to reach actual products in 2021 or later. This is a insane achievement for AMD, and really sets a new standard for compute performance.

The boards, which come without video outputs, include 16GB or 32GB of High Bandwidth 2 (HBM2) error correcting code (ECC) memory onboard, while the ECC protection extends to the cache memories internal to the processors. The CPU chips which are called chiplets by AMD are connected to the I/O die through an "enhanced version" of the company's Infinity Fabric interconnect link. Two such rings can be fitted into a single server, the company has confirmed.

Previously AMD has only discussed Zen 2 and Zen 3 microarchitectures, yet it is not surprising that the company will keep evolving its successful design in the coming years. When it comes to floating point per socket performance, it's a enormous 4x leap over the previous generation EPYC processor. According to AMD, these new chips will bring twice the performance and four times the floating-point power per socket compared to the current-generation EPYC chips. While AMD claims the design handily beats Intel's Xeon Platinum 8180M at the C-Ray benchmark, though, the company has taken the unusual step of redacting full benchmark results until after the chip has launched.

AMD is now sampling EPYC "Rome" chips with customers, with the chips expected to launch sometime in 2019.

While the company still did not reveal any specific clock details, due to the fact that the CPU is still in prototype phase, it did reveal some specific details, like the fact that this is the first PCIe 4.0 capable x86 server CPU, which both brings double the bandwidth/channel, as well as dramatically improves accelerator performance on the entire platform.

More information on the announcements made during the event are available on the AMD Next Horizon page.

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