Google Brings an API to Let Developers Push In-App Updates

Doris Richards
November 8, 2018

When enabled, users will be able to continue using an app while an update is downloaded.

Google revealed at its Android Dev Summit this week that developers will be able to use the new In-app Updates API to create an immediate or flexible in-app update process, which either forces or nudges a user to update an app. The API provides a couple of options to Android developers to push latest updates to their apps.

The nature of apps on mobile devices is that you can't use them while they're updating.

According to the example provided by Google, the first one - called "immediate in-app update" - will also have an on-screen pop up, letting you know that an update is available. The In-app Updates API is being tested with Android's early access partners, and will soon be distributed to all developers.

This month over 118,000 new projects using Kotlin started in Android Studio, marking a 10-fold increase on previous year, according to Google.

You can grab the Files app from here (note: at the time of this writing the Play Store hadnt updated yet). This option essentially brings a full-screen experience in which users will receive a pop-up to install the important update, and once hitting the update button, the app opens a full-screen window to show the update progress.

Google also rolled out Instant discovery that allows to easily adopt the new kind of apps.

The latest Android Developers blog celebrates ten-years of Android and includes the introduction of the just announced support for foldable displays.

Overall, it's a good package of announcements that Google went live at Android Developers summit.

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