Modern Family: Sarah Hyland's Character Haley Dunphy Is Pregnant

Angelo Anderson
November 8, 2018

Just weeks after the Pritchetts lost one of their own, it seems the family has a new addition to look forward to.

And while she was applying her lipstick and steering her bumper auto at the same time (oh, Haley), Dylan ploughed into his girlfriend and accidentally lodged her lippy up her nostril, because of course.

The eldest daughter of Phil and Claire Dunphy, played by actress Sarah Hyland, will have to grow up a little faster now that she has a baby on the way.

After the episode aired, Haley answered questions about the show on her Instagram Stories. "Well I guess the cat's outta the bag!" she posted.

"Whaaaat? I'm so happy!"

The interviewer asks Haley what she thinks about her sister, and Haley says how Alex inspired her to take the big step at the age of 21 of moving from the room they shared to the basement. "I had zero details".

In the most recent episode of "Modern Family" we discovered Sarah Hyland's character Haley is pregnant and it seems the ever so smart Dylan is the father.

But even still, who could've predicted a plot twist like this so shortly after the character DeDe Pritchett - played by Shelley Long - was killed off the show?

"I thought it was an wonderful episode".

"There was this scene where [I'm eating] Twizzlers [and] I don't like licorice - it makes me want to vomit". "And there's this scene where I'm having a lollipop and eating all of the chocolate and then spraying whipped cream into my mouth from the can, and oh my goodness, I ate my entire weight in candy - which on a Friday night is completely normal for me to be doing while crying, watching, like, 'Bridget Jones's Diary'". "And, especially when it's my grandpa".

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