Texas' early votes exceed total cast in 2014 election

Lester Mason
November 8, 2018

In a race where there are stark contrasts on issues such as immigration and health care, Cruz and O'Rourke agree on one thing: The election, both have said, is a battle for Texas's future. Or will O'Rourke galvanize first-time and young voters enough to turn Texas blue?

Although the Lone Star State has "a lot more conservatives than. liberals", O'Rourke's underdog campaign has been fueled by "intensity", Cruz told CBS's "60 Minutes" Sunday night. He foresees a blue wave-but not a tsunami.

Polls show a surprisingly tight race in Texas heading into Tuesday's midterm elections.

The early voting numbers are giving a boost of optimism to O'Rourke supporters, who are seeing it as a sign that he may very well come out on top in the closely watched race against Cruz.

The almost 4.9 million early votes exceed the 4.7 million total votes cast in Texas in the 2014 midterm election.

A three-term congressman and onetime punk rocker, O'Rourke was virtually unknown outside of his hometown of El Paso before challenging Cruz. Republicans, however, are cautioning Democrats about being too confident, pointing out that historically there are far more Republicans among voters in Texas than Democrats.

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