White House Stands Behind Apparently Doctored Video Of CNN's Jim Acosta

Lester Mason
November 8, 2018

But video recorded at the press briefing shows Acosta putting his arm on top of hers as she tried to take the microphone away from him.

Mr Acosta called Ms Sanders' assertion that he placed his hands on the woman "a lie". In a statement issued Wednesday evening, CNN concurred, saying: "The White House announced tonight that it has revoked the press pass of CNN's Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta".

Reuters Frame-by-frame: How the incident unfolded during Wednesday's news conference. "To be honest. You aren´t the best", he said.

CNN released a statement via Twitter, as did The White House Correspondents' Association. When he went to the White House for "one last live shot", he said a security officer prevented him from passing through an entrance that he has used for the past five years.

Acosta asked Trump if he thought he had demonized immigrants in the closing days of his campaign, but Trump responded he wanted immigrants to come in legally as the two frequent sparring partners spoke over each other.

Central American migrants relax after eating breakfast at the Jesus Martinez stadium in Mexico City, Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2018.

"On the Russian Federation investigation, are you concerned that you may.?"

"That's enough, that's enough", the president said, before telling Mr Acosta to sit down and to put down his microphone. You are a rude bad person.

Frustrated by Acosta's criticism of a campaign ad, Trump finally said: "You should let me run the country and you should run CNN".

This is clearly inappropriate and unprecedented punishment by the Trump administration for what it perceives as unfair coverage by the reporter, and White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders' false description of the events leading up to it is insulting not only to the nation's journalists, but to its people. The way you treat other people is frightful. "You shouldn't treat people like that".

Alexander came to his colleague's defense. "He's a diligent reporter who busts his butt like the rest of us". "I never thought that in this country I wouldn't be able to cover the president of the United States just for asking a question", he said.

Ms. Hostin gave an example that if she was holding a coffee cup, and then someone struck the cup, that would constitute battery because the cup "is an extension of me".

"The most unsafe type of fake news and reporting and evidence is when you get into the fine details, the nuanced things that are shaped to present a certain viewpoint or decision or news a certain way", he said.

The team at CNN were not the only ones taking to Twitter to have their say.

As US President Donald Trump answered questions from the press following his speech about Wednesday's midterm results, his turbulent relationship with some media outlets was evident.

"We stand by our decision to revoke this individual's hard pass", Sanders captioned a clip from the press conference.

The incident in question happened during a tense exchange between Acosta and Trump. He said he's damned by the press for having either too few, too many or just the right amount of press availabilities. Some frames look to be sped up and others slowed down to make Acosta's physical actions seem far more aggressive than they were in reality - as can be seen in numerous videos captured by the news outlets in the room.

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