Arkansas Voters Approve Minimum Wage Hike

Lloyd Doyle
November 9, 2018

In Arkansas, 68 percent of voters supported a measure that will raise the state minimum wage to $11 per hour in 2021 from its current value of $8.50. The legal minimum wage will rise to $9.25 an hour on January 1, $10 a year later and $11 the year after that.

Missouri voters approved a measure to gradually boost the state's minimum wage from its current $7.85 per hour to $12 an hour by 2023. Employers who fail to comply with the new law will be penalized and will be required to pay an underpaid employee not only the full amount of wages owed, but also additional amount equal to twice the unpaid wages.

"2 conservative leaning states approved a minimum wage increase last night - AR & MO", he wrote on Twitter.

Voters went around the Legislature on Tuesday to pass policies on wages, clean elections and medical marijuana.

The wage increases approved for Missouri and Arkansas will be phased into place over a period of years.

Prop B offered Missourians the first opportunity since 2006 to vote on the state minimum wage. The minimum wage in both cities reverted back to $7.70 per hour-the Missouri state minimum wage at that time. Currently, 29 states and Washington, D.C., have higher minimum wages than the federal rate, according to EPI.

"I think it's pretty clear that it's pretty hard to live off minimum wage", said B2 Cafe employee Haley Ankely. Meanwhile, minimum wage employees in Massachusetts, Maine, and at large companies in California will be noticing the largest hike, with an increase of $1.00 an hour.

"Across the board, voters responded to a progressive agenda that included key worker issues such as expanded health care access, higher minimum wages, and fair elections", said Christine Owens, executive director of the National Employment Law Project. The minimum wage listed for each state does not always apply to all workers.

"There's been more demand, for employees that the market wages have been higher than the minimum wages for a while now", explained Bambinos and B2 Cafe Owner, Andy Faucett.

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