Midterm loss not a huge blow for Trump

Lester Mason
November 9, 2018

WASHINGTONUS President Donald Trump often boasts about winning, but after Democrats seized the House of Representatives on Tuesday, he is finding out how it feels to be one of the "losers" he usually mocks.

It would require making an overture to the incoming Democratic majority in the House, proposing an agenda to give an added boost to American workers and the infrastructure that serves as the backbone of American industry.

Most presidents would have come forward, congratulated the victor and pledged a bipartisan cooperation for the next two years. The ties between the two men, who are said to communicate frequently, could come under increased scrutiny by Democrats.

Behind each election lies a troubling and familiar trend for Republicans: They keep losing ground in Minnesota's metropolitan core and surrounding suburbs.

FILE - Democratic Congressman Eliot Engel.

After two years in which the constitutional separation of powers between the executive and legislative branches was rendered meaningless by unitary Republican control of Congress, voters have given Democrats the House of Representatives. He said the results indicated that voters like him, even though a solid majority of them told exit pollsters they disapprove of his presidency.

Even as the last poll numbers were still coming in, there are still two outstanding races that have two women competing against each other, which means that at least 100 women will be serving in the House next year.

Instead, he could do something far bolder - namely, make moves to turn our interminable ideological stalemate into a genuine partisan realignment by dividing and conquering the new Democratic majority.

"The primary role of Congress is to fund the government, including the Department of Defense, and Democrats could have a direct impact", the Senate's No. 2 Republican, John Cornyn of Texas, told VOA.

FILE - Senate Majority Whip Sen. If these more economically populist bills passed the House (presumably with a good deal of Republican support), it would divide the Democrats, setting up intraparty squabbles heading into 2020. "The president, by the Constitution, is granted diplomatic power".

This is unfortunate for an infinite number of reasons, but chief among them is the simple idea that whether we pay attention to it or not, the federal government continues to function, to pass laws and regulation, and to spend more money that we don't have.

"You don't need to worry about a boring period", said national security expert Anthony Cordesman of the Center for Strategic and International Studies. "I also think that there's an opportunity and an obligation here to strengthen retirement savings".

Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California.

As chairman, Schiff will have a free hand to renew and invigorate probes and to subpoena witnesses.

The White House did not respond to an inquiry for this article. And it made clear the extent to which Trump has remade his party to his own specifications, as he suggested that those who survived were indebted to him, a president who prizes loyalty above all else. "Not to mention basic decency", Schiff tweeted. U.S. Representative Marsha Blackburn defeated the state's former Governor, Democrat Phil Bredesen. Republicans want border security, including a wall along the United States-Mexico border.

The Democrats' wish list includes hearings advancing alternatives to White House policies on climate change, refugees and migration, according to a Democratic aide, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the plans more frankly.

"The following two years, with a Democratic president and a Republican house, proved to be two of the most profitable years of Clinton's presidency".

One bright note for Democrats in Florida was the passage of Amendment 4, which will restore voting rights to most felons when they complete their sentences and probation, adding 1.4 million possible voters to the rolls. In 2010, Barack Obama said he'd been delivered a "shellacking" by Republicans. "And I want to say that at the Ways and Means Committee, that will be the priority issue that we bring up - ensuring and defending the idea that people who are born with an ailment are not wrongfully treated". "There's a lot of stake". I have not been encouraged by what we've seen of late. They [Democrats] seem more of the sand-in-the-gears mindset. "This is a different political environment than any I've encountered during my adult life".

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

"I think by the time the presidential campaign is in full swing, it's certainly going to be a fading expansion". "If the argument is that suddenly Trump becomes an advocate for a $15 minimum wage is going to make him more popular, more hard to beat (in 2020), I don't see it that way". But what is the Democratic view of foreign policy? "These are things they never talk about". Other winners Tuesday included Sharice Davids from Kansas, one of the first two Native American woman elected to Congress, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY, the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

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