Poloniex opens trading for BCH pre-fork, offering BCHABC & BCHSV trading

Lloyd Doyle
November 9, 2018

These planned hard forks were meant to stave off disagreements about whether and when the cryptocurrency should activate these protocol upgrades, which require all full node operators to upgrade their software to the latest version.

Also ahead of the Bitcoin Cash Hard-fork, the exchanges of Binance, Coinbase and BitMex, have all expressed their intentions of supporting the event. Depending on how successful the hard fork is, prices should continue soaring or begin a reversal.

Bitcoin Cash is on the brink of another hard-fork - where a blockchain splits in two, potentially creating two separate cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin Cash has a total market cap of $10.68 billion and $995.78 million worth of Bitcoin Cash was traded on exchanges in the last day. If you store your crypto in a wallet, make sure you have your private key, so you can access your crypto on both blockchains.

Notably, the pre-fork tokens are collectively trading at $625, nearly $40 above the value of BCH itself, which stands at $587 as of the time of writing.

You can purchase BCH on exchanges including Liqnet, Ore, BTCChina, Buda, Incorex, and Coinbase. CTOR is set to allow faster bitcoin cash transactions.

Not all hard forks are the result of disputes between developers.

Another technical upgrade for Bitcoin Cash ABC is a new opcode that will introduce the potential for cross-chain atomic contracts.

Poloniex, an American cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its own take on the Bitcoin Cash rift - it intends to allow trading on both versions of the coin. However two main differences are the the blocksize limits, as of August 2017 Bitcoin has a 1MB blocksize limit whereas BCH proposes 8MB blocks.

Rust-BCH 0.1.0: A Bitcoin Cash Library Written in the Rust Programming Environment Rust is a popular programming language designed in 2006 by Mozilla employee Graydon Hoare. The CEO of Bitmain, Jihan Wu, supports it.

The Bitcoin price for REBL is at 0.00000163 BTC. Unable to reach a compromise, two development groups, Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV, have launched competing BCH implementations that will be incompatible once the fork activates on November 15. SV stands for "Satoshi Vision", because they're reverting back to an older Bitcoin implementation.

Specifically, around 60% of the network's nodes support Bitcoin ABC, and 28% support Bitcoin SV. But what is Bitcoin Cash ABC?

So what's so important about the fork in November?

Accordingly, BU users can choose to follow ABC, SV, or neither. In other for this to happen, miners have to transition to Bitcoin Unlimited, a client from 2016. In the past week, its price has increased by 44%. This rise has been attributed to the upcoming hard fork scheduled for the next November 15, in which the destiny of the coin will be decided.

What do you think about the Rust-BCH 0.1.0 library and all the other implementations written in various programming languages?

What's Next for BCH?

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