U-23 bowler Shiva Singh's 360-degree turn hogs limelight

Annette Crawford
November 9, 2018

Shiva Singh, who plays for Uttar Pradesh, became an internet sensation when footage emerged of him twirling 360 degrees in his run-up in a recent match against Bengal in the CK Nayudu Trophy, an under-23 tournament for India's state teams. This incident triggered a debate after the video of the match went viral.

There were discussions on social media that if a batsman is allowed to switch hit why can't a bowler be allowed a variation such as 360 degree rotation on delivery stride. The ball pitched just wide of leg stump and the batsman blocked it out on the leg side.

However, even before Shiva had completed his delivery, umpire Vinod Seshan signalled dead ball, much to the frustration of the bowler.

It may be mentioned that Singh was bowling around the wicket.

"Vaughan joked about Singh's decision to twirl, referencing Len Goodman - a judge on England's version of Dancing With The Stars - by ending his tweet "#Itsa10fromLen".

- Summon the offending player's captain and issue a first and final warning which shall apply to all members of the team for the remainder of the match.

"The law states that the offence is the attempt to distract the batsman, rather than the striker actually being distracted".

Bedi was the epitome of a smooth and technically correct action of a left-arm spinner, and it was only natural that Shiva's 360-degree turn before delivering brought out this reaction from the spin legend: "Weirdo", he wrote in his tweet accompanying the video.

"This is particularly so if there was no apparent advantage to be gained from the twirl, unlike, for example, the bowler varying the width of the release point or the length of his/her run-up, which are entirely lawful".

"The law goes on to add that only if the 360-degree twirl should be part of the bowler's run-up for every delivery, then can the umpire step in to deem if the action was done to distract the batsman".

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