Activision Isn't Pleased with Destiny 2 DLC Sales; Microtransactions on the Way

Doris Richards
November 10, 2018

Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC marked a big step-up in quality from previous efforts Curse of Osiris and Warmind.

According to Kotaku, Activision's lofty ambitions for Destiny 2 and the Forsaken expansion has seen the publisher express its unhappiness with current sales results, despite the fact that the expansion has earned rave reviews and an overall much better critical acclaim that has seen a far better retention of players over the last several months.

"Some of our other franchises, like 'Destiny, ' are not performing as well as we'd like, and we're working to accelerate the pace of live operations innovation and improve the speed with which we release new content to keep our players engaged and to provide new opportunities for monetization", Johnson said. Noting a "lower year after year" profit (and how World of Warcraft helped them grow), Johnson explained that this happened because the "full core" has not re-engaged with the game.

Destiny's microtransactions come in the form of Silver, which players can purchase with real money and spend on a number of different in-game extras. No stranger to this is Activision, who's Call of Duty franchise is now expected to have some sort of microtransaction-type system built in with each new entry. also has the PC version of Destiny 2 available for free until November 18, which potentially signal lackluster sales.

Activision's heads think this is down to a chunk of the core Destiny audience being in "wait and see mode". So when you're in, you're deeply engaged. "If you're not, we're hoping now's the time to bring players back in and win them back".

Destiny 2's not exactly in crisis though as the number of monthly active users still grew compared to both the last quarter and the previous year - so it's not as if player numbers are falling.

Destiny 2 Black Armory is the next scheduled content drop for the game, which launches in December.

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