Chrome to start warning users about malicious subscription scams

Doris Richards
November 10, 2018

Google will notify webmasters when their sites are falling short of its standards so they can fix up their site and make charges clear, but until they comply with best practices, they will have to live with Google treating them as a potentially malicious site. Yes, the Chrome 71 will now block every ad on a site that shows them constantly.

"When Chrome mobile, desktop, and Android WebView users visit a page that has been flagged as deceptive, they will be shown a warning interstitial that states "The page ahead may try to charge you money," Bleeping Computer announced.

Google's move comes to crack down on the avalanche of websites that hide billing information that's usually supposed to accompany mobile subscription forms. "Users will be offered the choice to proceed to the page or go back if they were unaware that they were entering a billing page", states the blog post. Information should be visible on all types of devices.

What is An Unclear Subscription Page?

The change is planned for Chrome 71, which is scheduled to be released in December 2018.

Google is taking up a new approach by warning people beforehand about a website that tricks users and subscribes them to billing scams. When Google introduced in-app charges to Google Play in 2011, it started billing customers without password requirements or other methods to obtain account holder authorization, the FTC said.

Usually, developers are expected to make the billing data visible and obvious enough to users, and also display the actual cost and have a simple fee structure.

So, what's your take on this new protective feature from USA tech giant - Google?

Site owners will then be asked to make changes to the pages and submit an appeal.

The worst ones don't even bother informing users that they are being charged by using forms that require you to "enter a phone number to access site".

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