Florida man breaks into crocodile enclosure, gets bitten

Lester Mason
November 10, 2018

A Florida man broke into an alligator farm and spent hours splashing around in a pond full of crocodiles before being attacked by one.

Authorities say the man caused about $5,000 in damage at the 125-year-old zoo. The man appeared to have several bites on his foot, but denied being at the alligator farm.

John Brueggen, director of the alligator farm, said the man was caught on video about 7:45 p.m. Monday entering an exhibit that houses three 12-foot crocodiles.

St. Augustine police said a resident on Holly Lane called Tuesday morning to report a suspicious person hiding in the bushes in just his boxer shorts.

Hatfield, who remains hospitalized, was charged with burglary, criminal mischief and violation of probation.

While he was being transported to a nearby hospital, another 911 call came in, reporting the alligator farm break-in the previous evening, and authorities realized the two incidents were related. Hatfield then scrambles out of the water, leaving behind a trail of blood.

The man had to pull himself over fencing and barbed wire to get to the pond.

Mr Hatfield was apparently bitten on the foot while he sat on the bank of the pond and was taken to hospital to receive treatment.

An officer reportedly told staff, "Oh, I think we've already got the perpetrator in custody".

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