Microsoft testing 'to-do' feature on Word

Doris Richards
November 10, 2018

Eventually, Microsoft hopes their Office AI will be able to fill in those placeholders automatically, by using Microsoft Search to suggest content for a to-do like insert chart of quarterly sales figures .

Office Insiders on the Mac have access to a new feature this week in the form of an intelligent and automatic to-do list generator.

Many times, when users get distracted and need to come back to a document, picking up where they left off can be hard.

The capability relies on a new specially created text format rolling out with the update.

Once Word automatically creates these placeholders in a document, the app will keep track of all of them and also display them on a dedicated panel when users come back to the document.

Microsoft has debuted a new Microsoft Word feature that aims to aid users in the "flow" of their work.

The feature addresses what Jared Spataro, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Office 365, described as an important element of Word users' workflow. Clicking the link would take me directly to the relevant part of the document where my attention is required.

It may be the case that different people are required to complete tasks on the to-do list, so Microsoft also added mentions.

Microsoft has developed a new technology which makes it easier to track your remaining work on an Office document. Microsoft notes that users will soon have the ability to "reply to the notification with their contributions, and those contributions will be inserted directly into the document", but that feature hasn't arrived quite yet.

Tagged users can reply to the notification with their contribution, and it'll be inserted directly into the document. You will be able to pick from the results and insert content from another document with a single click, Microsoft says.

Microsoft said it would release the feature on Word for Windows, Mac and web very soon to all Office 365 subscribers.

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