Parents urged to ensure children in Cumbria get flu vaccine

Leslie Hanson
November 10, 2018

However, my favorite excuse for not getting the flu vaccine is that you don't want some chemical substance being injected into your body, yet you consume on a regular basis a product you purchased from the internet because it claimed to help you lose weight.

When the immune system is exposed to a flu hemagglutinin protein - either on a virus or in a vaccine - it produces antibodies to the protein.

Morris Hospital infectious disease physician Dr. John Bolden said the best way to prevent influenza is to get an annual flu vaccine. Depending on how good the selections of strains are, during a given flu season the effectiveness can vary widely. Changchun Changsheng Life Sciences Ltd. - the pharmaceutical company that was found to have falsified data and produced hundreds of thousands of ineffective vaccines - alone provided 3.6 million doses of flu vaccine for the domestic market in 2017.

Every year, a vaccine offers protection, but fewer than half of all adults get one.

Patricia Moses, a mother-of-three from London, decided that her son, when he was two years old, should have the flu nasal spray vaccine.

Flu viruses are constantly changing. "This death serves as an unfortunate reminder of the importance of getting a flu shot".

Flu vaccinations are completely covered by insurance and many major chains are incentivizing customers to stop in and receive the vaccine while they shop. "Don't go visit your grandpa or grandma in a long-term care home if you feel like you're sick, because you're going to be taking it into a vulnerable population".

But exactly how strong the shot should be, and whether additional injections would boost immunity, requires more study.

"Getting the flu at any age is not a pleasant experience, but it can be a lot more serious for older people, those with under lying health conditions or young children who may suffer more if they contract the virus". The development of a universal vaccine is more challenging but it promises much greater results, and deserves more support. The CDC provides vaccine estimates several times throughout the season, and typically early estimates are reported in February and the full season estimates come in June, Ambrose says.

While we call it "the flu" in general, influenza can actually be caused by various strains, which evolve.

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