Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg leaves hospital

Angelo Anderson
November 10, 2018

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been released from the hospital days after a nasty fall left her with three fractured ribs. It was then confirmed that she had broken her ribs. Ginsburg, who is the oldest Supreme Court justice at 85, fell while working in her office Wednesday evening. Before the offers had subsided, Ginsburg was already back home, her strength no doubt bolstered by her faithful workouts with Johnson. "Asking for a Supreme Court justice".

Appointed by president Bill Clinton in 1993, Ginsburg rebuffed suggestions from some liberals that she should step down in the first two years of president Barack Obama's second term, when Democrats also controlled the Senate and would have been likely to confirm her successor. As a result, she was forced to miss the formal investiture ceremony for new Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh at the court that morning.

The Supreme Court's oldest justice, Ginsburg has previously survived two forms of cancer and a heart procedure to have a stent placed in her right coronary artery. The court is now divided 5-4 in favor of conservatives, and the Republican-controlled Senate is poised to confirm any of Donald Trump's potential Supreme Court appointments for the next two years.

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