Asteroid to buzz Earth closer than Moon on Saturday

Mindy Sparks
November 11, 2018

The preacher claimed the asteroids and waves of energies passing over Earth are all signs of the second coming of Jesus Christ. He said worldwide media and social media is abuzz with reports of three newly-discovered asteroids which will flyby Earth today.

Two of them are up to 30metres wide and the third will be closer to Earth than the moon.

It's also important to remember that a "close approach" might not be as close as you think.

The three asteroids will fly past within a matter of hours. This asteroid is even farther away - about 129,000 miles (5 million km) from Earth.

But what's exciting is the fact that three will pass near Earth on Sunday between 1am and 6am AEST.

NASA predicts the first asteroid, named Asteroid 2018 VS1, will pass the Earth around 2.03pm.

It's believed to measure up to 28 metres across, and will fly by at a distance of 1,392,756 kilometres - fairly close in astronomical terms. Fortunately, the biggest of the asteroids, which can be as big as 31 metres in diameter, will pass much further and has a remote chance of reaching Earth. The next fly-by will take place just 16 minutes later, at 1:19 am.

NASA expects this asteroid to travel past Earth at a slightly slower velocity of 9.28 kilometres per second, again relative to Earth.

That's about a quarter of the distance from our planet to the sun.

According to some estimates, Earth is due for a big collision.

The closest call will be at 6.21pm when the 17-metre VX1 will pass at a distance of 237,037 miles - closer to the Earth than the Moon is.

Astronomer Matija Cuk, University of British Columbia in Canada, said: "It is highly unlikely that a regional or global destruction would occur anytime soon - next couple of centuries - since we have already discovered most of near Earth asteroids larger than 1 km, and none of them seem to be heading this way". Two days later, the Minor Planet Center announced the discovery, estimaging the asteroid's diameter to be between 26 and 59 feet (8 and 18 m).

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