Democrats won the House. Here's what's next

Lester Mason
November 11, 2018

The party picked up seats across the map but some of the campaign's biggest Democratic stars lost.Liberal Beto O'Rourke's underdog Senate campaign fell short in conservative Texas against Republican Ted Cruz.

Trump called House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi to congratulate her on the Democratic takeover in the House. But blue-collar voters and rural America embraced his aggressive talk and stances.

Would you have preferred Trump's Republican party remain in power in the house?

"In all fairness, Nancy Pelosi deserves to be chosen Speaker of the House by the Democrats", Trump said. "She has earned this great honor!"

Trump was due to hold a news conference at 11:30 a.m. (1630 GMT) in the White House. J. Stuart Adams of Layton as Senate president.

But the Democrats will still have some clout to halt some of Trump's major policies ideas - particularly on tax.

Democrats could make life hard for Trump by launching another congressional investigation into allegations of Russian interference on his behalf in the 2016 election.

Senate Democrats were considering suing Trump, the sources said, on the grounds that, in naming Whitaker, the president ignored a statutory line of succession at the Justice Department and deprived senators of their constitutional "advice and consent" role on some presidential appointments. It wasn't clear what "leaks" he was referring to. In recent weeks, he had stormed the states where he could do the most for Republican candidates, several of whom were being outshone by the Democrats' fresher faces.

Trump on Monday admitted the GOP could lose control of the House.

It is important to remember in all this that these contests were not conducted simply to fill a scorecard, but to fill some of the most important offices in our democratic system of government.

Record diversity on the ballot may have helped drive turnout. There was a minor party candidate also in the race, and under Georgia law, if no candidate exceeds 50 percent of the vote, the top two finishers advance to a December runoff election.

In suburban areas where key House races were decided, female voters skewed significantly toward Democrats by a almost 10-point margin.

Of the nine who did have to risk defeat, only one was in a state Trump had lost in 2016. Democrats flipped seats in suburban districts outside of Washington, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago and Denver.

Trump on Wednesday named Matthew Whitaker to replace former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who was forced out after months of attacks by Trump for rescuing himself from an ongoing probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Despite the results, Trump wrote on Twitter, "Tremendous success tonight".

In Kansas, Democrat Sharice Davids beat a GOP incumbent to become the first gay Native American woman elected to the House. Heidi Heitkamp lost her re-election bid to Kevin Cramer.

But controlling the Senate ensures Mr Trump can still make key appointments. In almost every state with a key contested Senate or governor's race, he has a positive approval and is over 50%, according to CNN's preliminary exit poll data.

The White House for days has stressed the historical headwinds it faced: In the last three decades, 2002 was the only midterm election when the party holding the White House gained Senate seats.

Some hurt worse than others. Democrats say their House majority will end the ability of Republican lawmakers to protect him from scrutiny.

They will have authority to request Trump's tax returns and subpoena power to obtain documents, emails and testimony.

"We always knew these races are going to be close", said Rep. Katherine Clark of MA, co-chair of House Democrats' recruitment efforts.

Peter Trubowitz, director of the United States Center at the London School of Economics, said: "I would look for him to double down on China, on Iran, on the Mexican border".

The president bet big on a xenophobic closing message, warning of an immigrant "invasion" that promised to spread violent crime and drugs across the nation.

What do the midterm elections mean from Donald Trump? He served as vice chairman of Trump's now-defunct commission on voter fraud.

The president was entitled to a partial victory lap. In fact, the only vote that was held throughout the country was for the House of Representatives and all its 435 seats. Democrats now have complete control of state government in Colorado, New York, Illinois, Maine and New Mexico.

Trump's scorched-earth campaigning came to define the 2018 campaign.

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