Hitman 2's gameplay launch trailer is full of creative kills

Doris Richards
November 11, 2018

You can now pre-order it too. In addition, it includes: Expansion 1, which bundles together a new location, new missions, an additional Sniper map, extra outfits, and weapons; early access, opening the game up four days ahead of the November 13 release on November 9; and Expansion 2, which similarly includes a new location, missions, Sniper map, outfits, and weapons.

To learn more about HITMAN 2, please visit www.hitman.com or join the HITMAN 2 conversation on Twitter (@Hitman), Facebook (@Hitman), Instagram (@Hitman), YouTube (Hitman), Twitch (Hitman), Discord (Hitman), Reddit (Hitman) or the Hitman Forum.

Hitman 2's release date is almost here. It's about feeling the tension of briskly walking away from a bad situation, hoping you can lose the suspicious guards. "Hitman 2 is a familiar experience, but in the Hitman world, familiarity is an incredible strength". It's available right now if you've preordered the game. Hitman 2, as you may know, would be the 7th iteration in the Hitman series of stealth-based games.

IO Interactive completely revamped the progression system in Hitman 2, and while it might be functionally the same, the way that you earn experience for everything you do, from discovering the areas on a map to completing mission stories to silently taking out everyone you come in contact with, is somehow far more satisfying. Hitman 2 is substantially bigger than Hitman 1 at launch. - Sam Loveridge [Full review] USGamer - 4.5/5 " Everything that's in Hitman 2 may be overwhelming at first blush.

The Explosive Pen will be unlocked and added to your inventory upon completing the "Explosive Penmanship" challenge when the Elusive Target mission goes live in Hitman 2 on 20th November. "As for now, I will leave you to prepare". "When paired with the additional Legacy Pack-free to owners of 2016's Hitman-which adds the previous game's levels, Hitman 2 positions itself as the essential platform for entertaining murder puzzles". Hitman was doing something that no other game was even attempting: Setting players loose in intricately designed sandboxes with an unlimited number of ways to accomplish their goal and rewarding creativity.

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