Fortnite reportedly hits 8.3M concurrent players

Doris Richards
November 12, 2018

Epic Games' Fortnite is an extremely popular game that hit mobile devices earlier this year, and was bought to Nintendo Switch back in June.

Epic Games has taken the gaming world by surprise by announcing that its hugely popular Fortnite game now has over 8.3 million concurrent players.

The popular video game Fortnite will offer a series of National Football League themed outfits for players starting today at 4pm. Additionally, there are two referee skins available for 800 V-Bucks, so you can give misbehaving players the penalty of elimination. Image courtesy of Dot Esports.

South Korean players were encouraged to play Fortnite from PC Bang cafes, an internet cafe chain that has been integrated into the game's map for special PC Bang challenges throughout the week.

To get that in perspective, that is more concurrent players than the total of all the people playing all the games on Steam combined, a Next Web report points out. For general Fortnite news, keep an eye on its website.

Bottom line: Fortnite Battle Royale entered a new market this week and the influx of new players is being immediately felt. Not the actual PC and Xbox versions, but the Mobile ones.

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