HTC reveals standalone Vive Focus VR headset geared toward business

Doris Richards
November 12, 2018

The headset focused towards the enterprise market targeting businesses of all sizes.

HTC has finally brought its first wireless virtual reality headset that has always been kept to the Chinese, but it doesn't look like the average Joe or Jane will be able to acquire it. In fact, an entire portfolio of enterprise-focused premium VR products have been launched by the Taiwanese electronics giant in western markets. It announced a collaboration tool called Vive Sync as well, which essentially enables conference calls in VR.

This new headset could be a prototype that Valve is making as a footprint for what it wants VR headset manufacturers to make, but it is the last bit of this news from UploadVR's sources that said: "this is in fact a Valve HMD".

The standalone design means that the VR headset does not need to be connected to a phone or PC to run.

HTC's standalone Vive Focus virtual reality headset, which initially launched in China, has now been rolled out worldwide.

Notably, the Shadow VR is set to become the first standalone VR headset available to consumers - Oculus Quest is only set to release theirs in 6 months time. The HTC Vive Focus work the same way as the Facebook's Oculus Quest. The headset is now priced at $599 (roughly Rs. 43,600) in the US.

Like the Vive Focus, the Shadow VR is a Vive-Wave based 6DoF headset, which will be accompanied by as-yet-unrevealed controllers that the company has made itself. This screen offers 110° field of view, just like the pro-grade Vive Pro.

To go along with the Vive Focus, HTC also announced a new SDK for the Vive Wave VR platform.

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