Drunk 'Irish' woman abuses airline crew after being refused wine

Lloyd Doyle
November 14, 2018

"I am a f**king global lawyer". "Rich Indian f**king money grabbing b**tard".

A video of an Irish woman launching a racist tirade at an Air India crew has gone viral on social media platforms. She was reportedly arrested after the Air India flight landed at London, its destination.

He was grounded by the airline on Sunday after he tested positive for alcohol in two breath analyser (BA) tests before he was to operate Air India's New Delhi-London flight.

What we know is that the woman's rant began when the flight's cabin crew complained to the commander that the woman had gotten too drunk.

"It was then she turned unruly towards the flight attendant and started with the verbal spat".

In another video that has been doing rounds after the incident, she is heard saying, "You treat business class passengers like this?" The video was also shared by news agency ANI.

In the vidoe clip which has gone viral on social media, the woman can be heard saying, "I am working for all your people.for you, an worldwide criminal lawyer". I work for all you f**king people.

The crew described the woman as very drunk when she angrily urged the crew to give her more wine.

She goes on to threaten to "boycott" the airline for not serving her "a wee bottle of wine".

WARNING: Clip contains extremely graphic language.

She also claimed to be part of a boycott movement and said to the staff: "If I say "boycott" - f***ing Air India, done. You f**king stupid c**t", she yelled.

After the crew denied her more alcohol, she said that she is a human rights lawyer, an worldwide criminal lawyer.

"You think I am scared?" she questioned, in an apparent response to being told by the flight crew that the police would be informed about her behaviour once the plane landed in London. "All you have to do is give me a f**king drink but couldn't do that could you?"

On Tuesday, Air India's Director for Operations Capt Arvind Kathpalia was removed from his post by the government while the national carrier announced a probe against him, a day after aviation regulator DGCA suspended his flying licence for three years for failure to clear a pre-flight alcohol test.

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