Florida Judge Extends Recount Deadline for Palm Beach County

Lester Mason
November 14, 2018

Miami-Dade nearly finished its recount as of Tuesday night and is ensuring there are no lingering provisional ballots to consider, as well as counts from special ballot machines designed for people with disabilities who are unable to fill out the standard paper ballots.

Trump went on to allege that "new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged", and that ballots are "massively infected". It was unclear what he was referring to. "Both judges and the state law enforcement officials have said that".

Broward County elections supervisor Brenda Snipes came in for criticism from both sides for her management of the vote, with protesters holding signs reading: "Lock her up!" She has been re-elected four times. Trying to validate these signatures is by far the slowest and most hard part of counting these ballots.

Nelson on Tuesday also renewed Democratic calls for Scott to recuse himself from any official duties related to the recount.

In 2014, 16% of Americans said the takeover of the US Senate by Republicans equaled a mandate.

He took part in an event called "Count Every Vote", along with faith leaders at St. Mark AME Church.

Even Human Rights Watch, a non-government organisation more commonly associated with violations in authoritarian regimes, said: "Voters in Florida must be heard".

Broward Chief Circuit Judge Jack Tuter held an emergency hearing Monday on a request by Scott's lawyers that deputies be put in charge of ballots and voting machines that aren't being used until the recount is over.

Nelson was just 0.15 percent behind Scott prior to the recount. Bill Nelson, Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum for Governor, and Matt Caldwell and Nikki Fried for Commissioner of Agriculture. Scott then dropped his motion to quarantine voting machines within his purview, and was subsequently sued by a group of Florida voters and grassroots organizations, as they alleged that the governor abused his power to try to swing the outcome of his race for senator and the contest to replace Scott as governor.

The Palm Beach Supervisor of Elections office started sorting through ballots in preparation for a recount last Thursday, like Miami-Dade County. He cited a report that a handful of voters in Bay County, a predominantly white Gulf Coast area ravaged by Hurricane Michael last month, were allowed to cast votes by email or fax while voters in more diverse counties on Florida's densely populated East coast were screened more rigorously.

Scott said Ms Snipes had a history of violating state law during vote-counting. Each party accused the other of trying to subvert democracy.

On Tuesday, Snipes hinted to reporters that she might not run for re-election in 2020 - "It is time to move on", she said - but quickly added that no final decision has been made. I have to say this is the first time this office and I have been under attack.

"There's no more hanging chads", said Richard Hasen, a law professor at the University of California Irvine, who specializes in election law. The elections official assured Cuomo that they would meet the Thursday deadline for the recount. "Take away the concerns of the citizens, take away the concerns of the public that this election process will be protected", said Scott attorney Jason Zimmerman. "If you voted for Gore and also wrote "Gore" on the write-in line, they said that was a "no" vote for Gore".

Republicans said Ms Snipes failed to provide necessary transparency as votes dribbled in and Democrats closed the margin.

Both Nelson and Scott have filed lawsuits over the election. Though some voted as early as October, several voters either had their absentee ballots returned or received word that they were either delivered later than promised or lost altogether. The premise from Republicans like Scott essentially goes that if a Democrat is winning in a non-deep blue state, some shenanigans must be going on. More claims of fraud were levied by the Republican lawmakers as the vote margin continued to close in the state's Senate and gubernatorial races.

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