Google adds always-on VPN to its Project Fi cellular service

Doris Richards
November 14, 2018

They are accomplishing this with an always-on VPN.

Project Fi is introducing an enhanced network feature in beta that enables Fi's VPN even when the user is using mobile data. As Chak notes above, Project Fi customers will be able to enable the Project Fi VPN on all networks for security and privacy.

In the security and privacy department, Google is extending its Project Fi VPN service over to cellular (LTE) connections.

If you've ever left your house and walked toward your vehicle, you might have noticed your connection slows or even stops altogether as your phone clings to a weakened Wi-Fi connection.

Another cool feature of the "enhanced network" is the ability to automatically switch between WiFi and mobile networks. Google previously enabled VPN while on public WiFi, but with enhanced network turned on, that VPN service will cover you at all times, ensuring that your Google account or phone number isn't tied to your traffic.

In case you haven't heard, Project Fi is Google's own cellular plan, with which it hopes to win over frequent worldwide travelers. You can activate it inside the Project Fi mobile app if you're a Project Fi customer. With almost unlimited data and consistent pricing in over 170 countries, you probably ... Google's new enhanced network will also make it possible for faster connections by intelligently switching between Wi-Fi and cellular. The example that Google provided for this feature involves those instances that you leave your home, but your phone continues to hold onto your Wi-Fi network. That's how it switches between the 3 networks it uses while you're out and about.

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