Romil Chaudhary Becomes The Captain Of The House For The Second Time

Angelo Anderson
November 16, 2018

Bigg Boss ban use of liquid in task since no one is take care of mics. Dipika asks him not to be unnecessarily rude to Karanvir. Since Shivasheesh could survive til the very last in the Hitman task - he was announced as the second contender for captaincy. Both Romil and Shivashish were given two channels and they had to entertain the housemates with their antics. Sreesanth clears about his deal that he made with Romil. Romil tells him that he forgets relationship when he is in the task. Unhappy with Romil, she breaks the friendship with him.

The Bigg Boss season 12 is fast evolving into an individual game with the happy club on the verge of a collapse as personal gains take priority. "She also gave quite a long monologue on how she is always projected in a bad light". Recently, we saw Shilpa, who entered the house, was friendly with Sreesanth, but Sreesanth seemed in no mood to play the game. When Shivashish objects, Bigg Boss nominates the entire house for elimination. Megha throws water on Shivashish. Later when problems get solved, they get back together and joke. Megha reacts to their act and gets angry. Romil replies to Megha that she doesn't deserve to be the victor of Marathi Bigg Boss. As Romil had bigger amount of Rs 13 lakh 25 thousand, he was announced as one of the contenders for captaincy.

Shilpa Shinde, victor of the last season, was part of the current season and spend a couple of days in the Bigg Boss house as part of Diwali celebrations during which she advised other housemates how to plan strategies and make a stronghold as far as entertainment was concerned. Bigg Boss asks them to be fair and make a decision but they start arguing in the confession room when Bigg Boss says that Sreesanth will take a decision as it was his call. Deepak and Somi were killed thereafter. As the task ends well, Shiv becomes the candidate for captaincy. Romil was declared the captain of the house after Shivashish got off the chair. As the task progressed amid several altercations, Romil again went on a killing spree and symbolically murdered Srishty Rode and Karanvir Bohra on Deepak's insistence. As the contestants start fighting over changing the channels, the remote starts to malfunction. Surbhi tells as he is a man of words she will support Shivashish. Shivashish chose Surbhi and Romil chose Srishty. Surbhi refuses and cries. But as Deepik denies to move, Sreesanth tries to push him. Housemates' role in the task was to get that person off the chair whom they do not support.

Surbhi and Romil will be seen having a huge showdown and Romil will tell Surbhi that he won't be speaking to her. Surbhi Rana was offended over being selfish remark on her and went mad over that on Deepak Thakur. She will request Bigg Boss to allow her to leave home.

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