Trump says he's written answers to Mueller's questions himself

Lester Mason
November 16, 2018

Trump's former national security adviser, onetime campaign chair and personal attorney have all agreed to plead guilty to various charges, as have two others from his campaign team, following investigations launched by the special counsel.

"I haven't submitted them yet..."

The president continued to maintain his innocence while launching a fresh round of attacks on the probe, saying "there should have never been any Mueller investigation" and claiming it was a waste of millions of dollars.

Trump's aides have repeatedly warned the president to refrain from targeting Robert Mueller.

In the US, "collusion" is not a federal crime, although the Mueller probe has been looking into whether members of Trump's team, or the president himself, were involved in the obstruction of justice or conspiracy.

"My lawyers aren't working on it". I'm working on that. "But no, the questions were very routinely answered by me".

The president has met with lawyers almost every day this week in sessions to review his answers, including a four-hour session Wednesday that was frequently interrupted by other business.

The president told reporters on Friday that he wrote the answers, not his lawyers, and that he did so "very easily". "I'm sure they are tricked up, because, you know, they liked to catch people: 'Gee, was the weather sunny or was it rainy?" 'Gee, was the weather sunny or was it rainy? He said it may have been a good day.

"I'm sure they're tricked-up because, you know, they like to catch people", Trump added, referring to questions that he suggested, without evidence, could be created to result in perjury charges.

Meanwhile, after being uncharacteristically subdued leading up to the November midterms, Trump took to Twitter Thursday, just hours after his Daily Caller interview, to lay into Mueller, accusing the special counsel of "screaming and shouting at people" and "horribly threatening them to come up with the answers they want".

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