Amber Rudd 'returns to cabinet as work and pensions secretary'

Lester Mason
November 18, 2018

North East Cambridgeshire MP Steve Barclay has replaced Dominic Raab as Brexit Secretary, it was announced this afternoon, after Mr Raab resigned yesterday following Mrs May's draft deal with the EU.

She admitted having "inadvertently misled" MPs over immigration targets but a subsequent probe found she had been let down by officials.

Brexiteers insisted they had the numbers to trigger a vote of no-confidence in Mrs May's leadership that could come as early as Tuesday, but by last night there was no formal announcement that the threshold of 48 MPs calling for her to stand down had been reached. The Times says Theresa May used her reshuffle to bolster the cabinet with loyalists amid fears that she could face a vote of no confidence next week.

Asked if she had just accepted a "poisoned chalice" and had gone from being a "human shield" for Mrs May to her "secret weapon", Ms Rudd responded: "I never saw it like that".

In a 2013 interview with the FT Ms Rudd said: "You get people who are on benefits, who prefer to be on benefits by the seaside". Mr Lammy said: 'Rudd made inexcusable errors over Windrush.

Ms Rudd described herself as a "one nation Tory" and added that she is "delighted to have been given the honour and the responsibility" of heading up the department for work and pensions. Now Theresa May puts her in the DWP.

It said that due to a series of confused email exchanges and crossed wires, Rudd was given the wrong information before, during and after the crucial committee hearing that cost her her job. In my constituency in Hastings & Ryre it really has transformed lives.

"With universal credit in absolute shambles, appointing a disgraced former minister who was only recently forced to resign for her role in another scandal is a desperate choice by a weak prime minister".

"The Home Secretary was not, therefore, supported as she should have been during the hearing".

Referring to Mrs May as the new Prime Minister and the work he had done with David Cameron and former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, he said: "Theresa May, the party's new leader, lost little time in distancing herself from her predecessors and the vision for the country that I had helped them set out for what was meant to have been a five-year parliament".

Stephen Barclay has been promoted to the position from his ministerial role in the department of health.

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