‘Castlevania’ Executive Producer Working on ‘Devil May Cry’ Series

Angelo Anderson
November 18, 2018

Shankar attributes the Devil May Cry series announcement to the success Castlevania, which he says, "really over-performed". The new show will be share a multiverse with Castlevania, which suggests the possibility for multiple crossovers.

Shankar's Bootleg Universe, a banner that showcases his imaginative and ballsy approaches to pop culture mash-ups and reimaginings of popular franchises, was just the first step. If you're anxious about how Devil May Cry might be handled given the lackluster history of video game adaptations, you might take comfort in learning that Shankar is right up there with you.

Shankar told IGN, "I've acquired [the Devil May Cry] rights myself so the jabronis in Hollywood can't f*** this one up too". It's unclear when this Devil May Cry show would arrive or if it'll be released via a streaming platform like Castlevania. He also said the series will, along with Castlevania, be a part of what his team is referring to as "the bootleg multiverse". Shankar announced on Friday that, while the third season of Castlevania had been greenlit, he's also started work on a Devil May Cry TV series. We'll bring you more on the DMC animated series as we learn it.

Netflix didn't immediately respond to a request for more specifics about the Devil May Cry series. Let us know in the comment section below!

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