Congress Threw Out Dalit Leader Kesri For Sonia Gandhi: PM Modi

Lester Mason
November 18, 2018

Prime Minister Modi was addressing a rally on the last day of campaigning for the second and final phase of the Chhattisgarh assembly polls.

"I challenge them. Let some good Congress leader who is not from the family become the party president for five years, then I will say that Nehruji really created a truly democratic system", Modi said.

"He was thrown out of office and to the footpath to make way for Sonia Gandhi as the new party chief", he said. "The remote-controlled [United Progressive Alliance] government in Delhi did not allow Raman Singh to work for his state".

He added, taking a jibe at the Prime Minister: "Grateful that PM Modi is concerned about who is elected as Congress president and he devotes a lot of time talking about it".

"Two recent non-family members who served as Congress presidents were treated in the most shabby manner possible", he tweeted. What was the fate of the people? "Only a chaiwala (tea-seller) can understand the feeling of what poor people go through, not those running around overseas", Modi said.

The Congress on Friday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of insulting tea-sellers with his remarks and said that as someone who claimed to be a "chaiwala" once, he "should not feel pained if anyone addresses him so".

When Chhattisgarh was formed, people wanted the locals to get the benefits of its natural resources and money, but that did not happen, Gandhi added.

"Despite being threatened by Naxals with guns and bombs, a huge voter turnout was recorded in Bastar". Turning to demonetisation, he said Modi "robbed the poor and the honest" through the exercise, which invalidated the old Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 currency notes, and made them stand in queues to exchange the scrapped notes. Earlier, people used to skip conducting polls there. They played backdoor games with terrorists which will not be allowed anymore.

He also lavished praise on the incumbent Raman Singh government for turning Chhattisgarh into a developed state from a "bimaru" (ailing or backward) one.

He said the Congress had always delivered on its promises, unlike the BJP. But they can not mislead the country anymore. They must answer what did they do for the welfare of our farmers when they ruled for four generations. "Had they strengthened the farmers, fulfilled their requirements, our farmers would have been prosperous", the prime minister said.

"They are making false promises of loan waiver to the people of Chhattisgarh".

Modi tried to draw a promise from the crowd that they would ask Congress leaders a question he would share with them.

He added that the previous UPA government had brought in measures like the Tribal Bill, the Right to Food Act, the Right To Information Act, the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA), the Land Acquisition Bill etc. "Chief Minister Raman Singh has done that job", Mr Shah said. The BJP is the answer to Chhattisgarh's problems, he emphasised. This is a very crucial phase for the state. The first phase of polling for 18 seats was held on November 12.

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