David Arquette bloodied in wrestling 'death match'

Angelo Anderson
November 18, 2018

Actor David Arquette was bloodied and battered during a wrestling deathmatch event on Friday night at Joey Janela's L.A. Confidential.

In footage that surfaced, the actor was engaged in a match with wrestler Nick FN Gage, who took a tube over the actor's head.

The injury was inflicted due to a creative use of light tubes as improvised weapons during the fight, resulting in severe lacerations and blood loss for Arquette.

Turns out David Arquette is not ready to rumble.

On Saturday, Arquette posted a series of tweets indicating he was fine. Gage would emerge victorious, however, Arquette no-sold the finish and immediately got up and left the ring.

In addition to his acting, Arquette has been a professional wrestler, most notably becoming the World Heavyweight Champion in the now-defunct World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

The Ready to Rumble star said, "I literally feel like I'm Rocky, I mean like I'm in the gym sweating like insane going to the gym every day for hours, you know, getting it so I don't get winded so easily and putting on muscle losing a bunch of weight so it's all about training, it's all about determination, it's all about, you know, believing in yourself".

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