'Fortnite' Is Disabling the Glider Re-Deploy Feature in Default Modes

Doris Richards
November 18, 2018

This means that dying doesn't automatically translate to "game over" for players, unlike regular Battle Royale matches.

Fortnite should take every possible advantage it can in the crowded battle royale marketplace, and re-deployable gliders are a definite advantage. In the trailer of the game mode, we see that each team has a giant mascot head that they need to protect. Players respawn with their inventory.

Re-deployable gliders were the key to the mode's success, and with good reason. Things are frantic in the midst of a firefight or when you're up close with the opposing team, but the battle itself feels drawn out.

What do you think about the new update? Unfortunately, Epic offered no specific explanation as to why the feature is now going bye-bye just a few weeks after it reported "positive results" during its testing phase, only that re-deploy will remain in Playground and larger team modes (Soaring 50s, Disco Domination, etc.) "to allow ongoing experimentation".

Epic Games implemented a new mode, Food Fight, in which you must "defend your structure with the Mounted Turret", the new weapon added to the game in the new Fortnite v6.30 patch.

As reported by PCGamesN, those who suffered the wrath of Epic for crimes they didn't commit will get a message as soon as they log in that says, 'We incorrectly banned your account.

However it can overheat if used for too long.

My colleague Ethan regrets its removal because, he said, he hates "feeling so glued to the ground". If they are, then NO V-BUCKS FOR YOU.

The decision to add re-deployable gliders wasn't popular among many Fortnite players, with some top-level players lamenting the update's impact on build-offs. After the time is up, the barrier disappears and players can start attacking each other. Other players felt it made the game less tactical or disliked how it de-emphasised building.

For a full list of the patch note changes, check out the Epic Games announcement. I enjoyed my time with Food Fight, and I'm excited to have more opportunities to infiltrate enemy teams.

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