May's Brexit Deal is Fatally Flawed - Former UK Brexit Minister

Lester Mason
November 18, 2018

May said the week ahead would be "critical" in the Brexit talks.

There was little support for Mrs May stepping aside for her main rivals in the party with 61 per cent preferring her over Boris Johnson, 48 per cent over Jacob Rees-Mogg, 58 per cent over environment secretary Michael Gove and 54 per cent over foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.

And former Brexit secretary Dominic Raab has also spoke out saying Brussels had bullied the government during negotiations.

He said: "We'll vote against this deal because it doesn't meet our tests". Her Cabinet knows it and Parliament knows it.

He wrote: "What Britain needs above all is a leader with the confidence and the character to command respect and bring people together from all sides of this bruising two-year national meltdown".

The required threshold of 48 letters to trigger a no-confidence vote had not been reached, according to the BBC. She's being held to ransom by extreme right wingers in the Conservative Party.

"This deal does not do that and Labour will not vote for it".

Speaking to Andrew Castle, Mr Field said that if MPs were not to support Theresa May's deal that they risk the United Kingdom being "blasted out" of the European Union at the end of the transition period.

Also on Sunday, the Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon told the BBC her party would vote against the Brexit deal.

The Prime Minister's top team has reportedly threatened to walk out en masse if changes are not made to her current Brexit plan. "If we change the person at the top, whoever is at the top we will still have the same problems". MPs from both the Conservatives and Labour say they can not see how the deal will get through Parliament.

Mr McFadden said: "If she can not get the agreement through Parliament then I think we have to put the issue back to the people".

South Staffordshire MP and Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson said: "I'm very supportive of the Prime Minister".

"Some politicians get so embroiled in the intricacies of their argument they forget it is not about this theory or that theory, or does it make me look good".

"The whole cabinet has fully supported it [the deal]".

Critics say it would leave Britain bound to the European Union in perpetuity and risks dividing the United Kingdom by aligning Northern Ireland more closely with the EU's customs rules and production standards than mainland Britain. "Politics is a tough business and I've been in it for a long time".

He told Sky News there was support in parliament and in Europe for a "unity platform" that avoided a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Lefroy said: "I think it's ridiculous that people are doing that".

"The focus is going to be on getting the deal into a better place".

Government minister Margot James has blasted leading Brexiteers for attempting to topple Theresa May, labelling them as "beneath contempt" for trying to oust the PM.

When Sophy Ridge asked: "Is the backstop like the "Hotel California", you can never leave?", Mrs May said: "You can leave".

"I think there's still the potential to improve on the clarification and on some of the measures within it and that's what I'm hoping to be able to help with", she said.

Much of the reason he said he wouldn't support Theresa May's deal was because it was "vague" and did not say enough about workers rights and environmental protections.

"Am I going to see this through?"

Nevertheless, it emerged that multiple backbenchers were calling publicly for a no-confidence vote in May's leadership. The largest proportion, 22 per cent, said they did not know who should be the next Tory leader. The fate of the Prime Minister is in the hands of her party.

It's been the most unsafe week yet for the PM, and she's had many. "It goes alongside the future relationship", she said.

Five remaining Brexiteer cabinet members are now reportedly pressuring May to go back to the European Union to demand changes before a planned special summit in Brussels on November 25, when the 27 member states of the European Union are to vote on the deal.

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