Steve Carell 'SNL' Episode: The Best Sketches And Moments

Angelo Anderson
November 18, 2018

President Donald Trump received a searing burn on last night's Saturday Night Live, with Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos (played by a bald cap-wearing Steve Carrel) lording his wealth over the President.

"I don't do those movies for money", Carell replied.

It's a really amusing bit (Fischer especially nails it) that nods to the amount of money to be made via such a reboot, and Carell's reactions are spot-on-even his wife Nancy Carell (who played Carol on The Office) gets in on the fun.

The actor suggested to Helms, "Why don't we just have a party instead?"

Ellie Kemper, who played receptionist Erin Hannon on the show, was the first to appear in the crowd, telling Carell: "People would really love to see an Office reboot".

"I just don't think you understand how much money we're talking about", he said.

Lastly, Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesly/Halpert, brought up the final words Pam whispered to Michael as he was leaving for Denver (and the show!) for Holly.

"I chose our locations because they were ideal for growing business", Carell said, "not just to make Donald Trump think about how I'm literally 100 times richer than he is".

"We can all catch up, get together, no cameras, just friends", he said.

Of course everyone, audience members and Office cast alike, were interested in The Office's supposed reboot, which Carell has already said he would not be involved in.

An Office reboot is in the works...?

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