Tim Cook: Upcoming Privacy Regulation 'Inevitable'

Lloyd Doyle
November 19, 2018

Now it seems that Cook has signed a multibillion-dollar deal with one of the companies he says is spying on users.

The Apple boss has been sounding the alarm on mass data collection companies like Facebook and Google for years.

During a speech in Brussels, Cook blasted the tech industry's practice of mining people's personal data to run their products-an apparent allusion to Facebook and Google, which offer free internet services that generate revenue by serving you personalized ads.

"I think their search engine is the best", he said.

"Look at what we've done with the controls we've built in", Cook stated. We have intelligent tracker prevention.

But cynics point out that Apple reportedly makes anywhere from $3 to $9 billion from its deal with Google, which sees its search engine made the default on Apple's Safari web browser, Siri web search, and elsewhere. We come up with ways to help our users through the course of the day.

Tim Cook said in an interview with Axios broadcast on Sunday that he believes the US Congress will pass laws aimed at tech giants.

Generally speaking, I am not a big fan of regulation. "This is not a matter of privacy versus profits, or privacy versus technical innovation".

Last month he called for the United States to introduce tough EU-style data protection laws.

"We should celebrate the transformative work of the European institutions tasked with the successful implementation of the GDPR..." Cook admits that the ways in which users are given options to protect their personal data are far from flawless, but believes that Apple has gone "a long way" in protecting its users.

He asked for companies to "challenge themselves to de-identify customer data or not collect that data in the first place".

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