Trump calls the fire-ravaged town of Paradise 'Pleasure'

Mindy Sparks
November 19, 2018

An army of Finns posted photographs showing how they spent their weekends, rake in hand, working to prevent forest fires, and the liberal New York Daily News headlined its front page "Make America rake again", in a play on Trump's election slogan.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea pleaded with fire evacuees to check the list of people reported as unreachable by family and friends and to call in if they are safe.

Officials also raised the number of people on the missing persons list, hours after Trump surveyed what remained of a decimated community.

"You gotta take care of the floors".

Search teams combed through the charred wreckage of the state's deadliest-ever fire that has leveled mountain town of Paradise.

Mr Trump toured the area with California's outgoing and incoming governors, both Democrats who have traded sharp exchanges with the Republican administration.

The US president pledged the full support of the federal government. Gov. Pope Francis has prayed for victims of California's wildfires and freezing weather on the US East Coast.

Mr Trump praised the emergency services.

Firefighters are racing to get ahead of strong winds and low humidity expected overnight and into Sunday afternoon.

While the predicted downpours could help tamp down blazes that have killed 77 people so far, they also could wash away telltale fragments of bone, or turn loose, dry ash into a thick paste that would frustrate the search.

Northern California's Camp Fire has so far destroyed almost 10,000 homes and blackened 375 square kilometres. Firefighters say it is 55 per cent contained.

Finland's president confirmed he spoke with U.S. President Donald Trump about how to manage forest fires, but he doesn't recall mentioning raking leaves. "So I think we're on a good path". "And when they do, it's a very small problem".

"The last five years, the fires have never been this bad", Brown said Sunday.

Trump visited Paradise on Sunday, to check out the damage for himself.

Thousands fled and many found temporary refuge at churches or in tents.

Trump has blamed the recent spate of fires on forest mismanagement, and he said he discussed the issue with Brown and Newsom on the ride into Paradise. "It's like a slap in the face", Missere-Crowder said.

The Woolsey fire has been linked with three fatalities and has destroyed at least 500 structures in the mountains and foothills near the Malibu coast west of Los Angeles.

Trump called the shooting at a country music bar, which left 12 dead, "a disgusting, frightful event".

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