Microsoft and Apple Tackle iCloud Bug

Doris Richards
November 20, 2018

Unfortunately, after users installed the latest version in the system, they started facing issues while using iCloud.

Microsoft has restarted the whole rollout process for its Windows 10 October 2018 Update. You'll also have trouble if you have F5 VPN software installed. It is worth adding that Microsoft re-released its Windows 10 October update few days ago after pulling it briefly. Users who tried to install iCloud on Windows 10 version 1809 saw a message stating that this version of iCloud was not supported for Windows.

This information comes from Microsoft's own Windows 10 Update History page, where Microsoft is publicly tracking the October Update's bugs. It's not as serious as the native Windows problems that led to the destruction of data amongst early adopters, but for users who are used to a completely seamless experience across devices, this is going to be ruddy irritating.

Windows UI Library (WinUI) allows you take advantage of the latest Fluent controls and styles for Windows 10 apps without having to wait for all your customers to update to the latest OS version. If you've upgraded to the October 2018 Update and use this software, you can force all system traffic through the tunnel to solve this problem.

Now, some users found out that they can not use iCloud after they install the latest update.

I'm sure one day we'll get the full story of how Microsoft stuffed up so magnificently with its October updates (much as we did with Vista), but for now, we'll just have to hope November doesn't turn out the same. The tech giants Microsoft and Apple are said to be working on resolving the same.

Additionally, the users are facing various issues related to photos' syncing and other features that were found to be irksome.

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