New Massive Phallus Planned for London's Skyline

Lloyd Doyle
November 20, 2018

First there was the Gherkin, then the Walkie-Talkie and the Cheese Grater.

There's good news for London's cratering real estate scene, as the Tulip will not be offering anything in the way of expensive office space to lay vacant for decades.

On Monday British architects Foster + Partners revealed designs for a 305-meter (1,000-feet) tower that will become the second-tallest building in the British capital.

The Tulip will stand next door to 30 St Mary Axe, better known as the Gherkin, which was also designed by Foster + Partners. Sky bridges would run between the observation decks, and the Tulip would have a bar and restaurant with 360 degree views.

It will feature internal slides and moving transparent pods running outside the building for visitors to ride in. If all goes well, Foster + Partners expects construction to start in 2020 and for it to be completed by 2025.

Tulip is an appropriate name for the project, as the renderings show a glass "bulb" supported by a slender, windowless, high-strength concrete stem.

A brand new skyscraper being planned for London is getting mercilessly mocked for looking a lot like a "giant sperm".

Announcing the plans, Norman Foster described the project as "in the spirit of London as a progressive, forward-thinking city".

Foster + Partners has released a futuristic promo trailer for its new London tower The Tulip - a 1,000-ft-tall culture hub that looks straight out of The Fifth Element.

"It offers significant benefits to Londoners and visitors as a cultural and social landmark with unmatched educational resources for future generations". However, we wouldn't be surprised if there was pushback against this unusual building becoming a permanent fixture of London's skyline, so time will tell.

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