You Can Now Sign-In to Your Microsoft Account Without a Password

Doris Richards
November 21, 2018

The FIDO2 support will also enable you to unlock your Microsoft accounts with the company's facial recognition software, Windows Hello, which is built into newer Windows 10 PCs.But again, the sign-in process will have to take place through the Edge browser.

Users who want to take advantage of the new FIDO2 support will have to update their Windows 10 OS to the October 2018 release (version 1809). The set up process will require you to go to the Microsoft account page on Microsoft Edge, and then set up a security key in Security More security options Windows Hello and security keys. And its Microsoft Edge web browser now supports the widest array of authenticators compared to other major browsers, Microsoft says.

Once your security key is configured, when you try to log into a Microsoft service, you will be prompted to press the button on your key to automatically authenticate you and log you in. In the name of beefing up security, a number of companies have started moving to two-factor authentication or password-less sign-in, and today, Microsoft added its name to that ever-growing list. Their objective was to give users a way to log into websites without needing any passwords-just a hardware token, such as a USB security key. For now, Microsoft is only supporting password-less sign-in through Microsoft Edge, so if you're committed to another browser, you'll need to sit this out for now. Then, click Security More security options, and select Set up a security key.

For those unfamiliar, FIDO2 authentication keys are standard-based devices that allow users to sign in to online services without a password.

Identify what type of security key you have (USB or NFC) and select Next. Next up, we'll see password-less sign-in come to work and school accounts in Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft says that its enterprise customers will be able to preview that functionality in early 2019. The public decryption key, which is used to decrypt information encrypted by the private key, is then sent to Microsoft and stored as part of your Microsoft account.

Once you enter the key, please follow the rest of the instructions to create your private/public key pair and finish the setup. Google's Titan Security key is not FIDO2 compatible and thus will not work with this feature.

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