Amazon to allow Apple Music on its Echo speakers

Doris Richards
December 3, 2018

Adding this feature to Echo devices could help persuade Apple Music subscribers to join Amazon's smart home ecosystem. To enjoy this new integration, users have to just enable the Apple Music skill in the Alexa app and link their account to start listening.

When will Apple Music be available for Echo devices? From December 17th, Echo owners will be able to consume Apple's streaming music service directly on the device itself.

While the appeal for Amazon is clear here, it's a perhaps unexpected move for Apple to make. Now they don't have to buy a HomePod or use a clunky AirPlay workaround to pump their Apple Music playlists through a smart speaker. For instance, subscribers will be able to ask for a specific song, artist, or album, and have that played on their Echo device.

Currently, Apple Music is now supported in that capacity but this announcement means that it is coming in the next few weeks. paved the way for this change via improvements to both its Alexa technologies and its relationship with Apple.

In a followup report The Financial Times adds that Apple's discussions about a potential deal with U.S. radio group iHeartMedia underscore how they're looking to nurture the close relationship with the music industry that Jobs fostered. Google competes directly with the iPhone with its Pixel devices, and Android is the main rival for Apple's iOS mobile operating system. It nonetheless offers a three-month free demo period.

Earlier this month, the companies struck a deal for Apple to sell iPhones and iPads directly on the Amazon Web site.

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