Google extends telecom service Fi to iPhones

Doris Richards
December 3, 2018

Shockingly, that even includes more recent iPhones.

Google recently rebranded its Project Fi service and word is that the MVNO will expand its portfolio with support for more devices from brands like Samsung, OnePlus and even Apple. But while it has indeed embraced more Android phones and iPhones, it isn't doing it without prejudice.

In order to achieve this, Google used the neural network and also a particular accessory which is a case created to hold 5 smartphones at the same time.

Though Google Fi could always use improvements, particularly in the arena of supporting RCS Universal Profile for texting and number sharing, but the pricing model ($20 a line, $10 per gig of data), coupled with their "Bill Protection", a cap of $60 a month, help make Fi a legitimate contender. Now, if you port your number and bring your own device to the service, you get a month of service for free.

For other Android phones, you're pretty much getting just the basics. It's also worth mentioning that the offer does not cover worldwide calling, regular speed data after 15GB per month, device financing, device protection, and group plan member costs.

Fi "intelligently" shifts smartphone service between Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, and Wi-Fi hotspots to provide optimal signals, according to Google. These phones also don't have access to Fi's new VPN feature.

Granted, Google Fiber, an earlier attempt at broadband service, faltered, but the company has learned from its mistakes and has made Google Fi a dependable network.

The offer is good for any new customer signing up for full service from now until 11:59 p.m., Pacific, on December 16 (and activating a device not purchased from Google Fi by the end of the year), so you've got a couple weeks to consider it.

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