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Doris Richards
December 3, 2018

To add a friend to this particular type of a list, go to your profile section, open the side menu by tapping on the menu button at the top right and select the "Close friends" entry.

Facebook Inc's Instagram said on Friday it launched a new feature dubbed "Close Friends" allowing users to share their stories with a smaller group of people.

The instagram like feature is available in youtube for those who have more than 10,000 subscribers.

If you are not a part of the alpha program, or you cannot use the Google Play Store for some reason, you can instead sideload the APK file for this Instagram update onto your Android device by downloading it from APKMirror.

Green color will appear around the photo of the author of the story. Users can add and remove followers from that list at any time.

Instagram always helps you maintain privacy.

Instagram Update: What Are 'Close Friends' On Instagram? How to Use New Story Sharing Feature
Users Instagram will be “close friends”

Once they choose to "Add to List" they'll see a list of suggestions from Instagram of people they interact with frequently and can add to their list. Once they add someone to the list, that person won't be notified but they will be able to see the stories shared with only the user's list.

Keep your friends close. and your close friends closer?

On Thursday, YouTube began rolling out a mobile platform feature reminiscent of the highly-trendy Snapchat Stories, a feature that basically all the most popular social media platforms have created their own version of.

Instagram is adding a feature to make it easier to share photos and videos with fewer folks.

Previously, Instagram introduced a feature intended for visually impaired users. The video shows the badges, the list itself and how to create one along with the fully created list.

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