'Battlefield V' Trailer Released for 'Chapter 1

Doris Richards
December 4, 2018

But perhaps the biggest update the will come with the Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture update are performance improvements for NVIDIA's GeForce RTX family of gaming GPUs. "We don't anticipate a long delay and we'll be back with more news tomorrow or as soon as we have it". To build up some hype beforehand they have released a new trailer showing off some of this update's new content.

"The Last Tiger" will be the game's fourth War Stories instalment, putting you in command of a German Tiger I tank, a near-indestructible vehicle locked in a seemingly unwinnable battle on the homeland's borders. The rest of the patch's content is strictly multiplayer-focused. Additionally, the update introduces new challenges that reward players with things like soldier outfits and weapon skins, while the game also adds cosmetic customisation options for tanks and other vehicles.

Updates to some of the game's core mechanics were announced to roll out as well, such as the time it takes to kill a player, revive teammates, and a rebalancing of the game's medic class and several weapons.

This chapter should also be our first look at chapter-based progression, something DICE has talked about but never shown. We should note that we tested RTX effects on a map that was apparently particularly troublesome for the first release of DICE's DXR implementation. We've heard plenty of those details already, but you can check out a new trailer for it all below.

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