Microsoft is reportedly building a Chromium-based browser to replace Edge

Doris Richards
December 4, 2018

Microsoft appears to be working on a new stripped down operating system that might be branded separate from Windows, the OS that has always been synonymous with the tech giant, according to a new report.

Microsoft is reportedly giving up on Edge, and instead building a Chromium-powered web browser to be the default browser for Windows 10.

Edge has seen little success since its debut on Windows 10 back in 2015. Microsoft kept on adding several features over the years but Edge couldn't extend a lead over Google's Chrome.

According to one of the latest reports from Windows Central, Microsoft has finally given up on the Edge browser internally and is now looking to develop an alternative browser that will be acting as the default one on future versions of Windows 10.

If that's legit, it'll see Microsoft swap out the EdgeHTML engine it built from scratch for the one that's part of the open source Chromium base, and powers Google Chrome, Opera, and courageous. "Knowing that this week Qualcomm will announce a new generation of Snapdragon that can run Windows significantly better than the 835 [at the Snapdragon Tech Summit 2018], fully expect to see this new chip powering numerous first devices running the new OS". There could also be a chance that Microsoft will retain the Edge browser alongside the new browser, similar to how Internet Explorer's existence after the incoming of Edge.

Of course, conversly, we could also see tighter integration of Microsoft products into Chrome, so perhaps it's swings and roundabouts. Last month brought news that Google and Microsoft are working together to build an ARM-compatible version of Chrome for Windows 10.

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