Player vs player Battles are officially coming to Pokémon Go

Doris Richards
December 5, 2018

From the same company who released Pokemon GO too, in fact, but it wasn't until Pokemon GO went live that people really began to see how such a game could impact society. However, you will not be allowed to simply go and pick on weaker trainers with your maxed out Pokemon. Though they're finally coming to Pokemon GO, they're going to be a bit different from what seasoned Pokemon veterans are used to when they arrive.

Now, Niantic has offered a launch window for the new feature and offered details on how battling other players will work.

You'll be able to battle other trainers by entering their Trainer Code, but most will require you to be near them. The matchmaking will be based on the players ranking in the Trainer Battle League, which determines the CP limit for the participating Pokemon. So before you went out there and challenge someone, make sure to read these important things about the Pokemon GO Trainer Battles. Instead, the trainer battles in "Pokemon Go" will be fast-paced and in real-time. You also be able to deploy a shield to block your opponent's attacks with proper timing, or use Stardust and Candy before a battle to unlock a bonus charged attack for your Pokemon to use. After the battle, both Trainers will receive rewards, and you might even get a rare evolution item. "Whether you're battling with a Caterpie or a Mewtwo, the cleverer and more strategic Trainer will have an advantage".

The Great League has a CP limit of 1,500 per Pokemon, while the Ultra League has a limit of 2,500. Your selected team of Pokémon will be able to execute both their Fast Attack and Charged Attack moves. But you only have a limited number of these shields before your Pokémon will be left defenseless.

There are no level limitations in order to start a battle.

You may earn up to three rewards per day for PVP matches, and matches fought against other trainers can count toward other in-game achievements and rewards.

If you want to test your skills before you jump into the treacherous waters of Trainer Battles, you can train with team leaders Spark, Candela, and Blanche to get a feel for the feature.

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