The best USA companies to work for

Lloyd Doyle
December 5, 2018

Luckily, one of the world's largest job and recruiting sites Glassdoor has just released its benchmark list of the best places to work in Britain.

Hit by users' data scandals amid falling stocks this year, Facebook has lost the tag of best place to work in the United States while Apple has moved up in the list of top-rated employers. An account executive at Zoom reported, "Fantastic company culture of 'Happiness.' You feel it every day and you can't wait to come to work because you feel "cared for". HP (No. 87) also was ranked among the top 100 companies for the first time since Glassdoor's list debuted in 2008.

The firm ranked second on last year's list. A total of 29 tech companies made the list for 2019 (up from 28 companies in 2018), including Google (No. 8), LinkedIn (No. 6), Microsoft (No. 34) and Apple (No. 71).

The tech company employees, once in love with free food, flexible works hours and resort like offices, have also started looking at how much time they are giving to their office and for what. In-N-Out Burger 4. Procore Technologies 5.

"Work-life balance is bad", one employee wrote in a review. It rose a number of spots from last year's ranking of 21. This year it seems that the controversies and resulting internal tension have taken a toll at Facebook's work culture and the company has slipped in the ranking.

It is possible that Facebook slipped in the list this year because of all the controversies that have surrounded it.

Search giant Google came in eighth place in 2018, following a stronger performance the year prior (fifth). Others companies that made the cut are lesser known but are still providing exceptional experiences for their employees.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai was scheduled to testify before lawmakers on Wednesday, but the hearing is postponed due to the funeral for former President George H.W. Bush.

Glassdoor relies on anonymous employee reviews for its rating system.

A Facebook employee at the company's Menlo Park headquarters warned Glassdoor visitors not to believe all the negative press.

Amid a nationwide shortage of pilots, Southwest is one airline that has raised salaries throughout recent years to attract more talent.

Athletic apparel company Lululemon ranked ninth, with an employee rating of 4.4. But Amazon doesn't find a space in the Top 100, which is rather surprising for a company that is one of the biggest in the history in terms of market capitalisation.

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