IPhone eSIM support comes to Rogers and Fido in Canada

Doris Richards
December 6, 2018

As usual the update is available over the air and here's what is new.

With that release, those compatible device owners are able to enjoy all of the changes that Apple has brought to iOS 12.1.1, which includes some very small functionality enhancements as well as a plethora of bug fixes and improvements which should provide a much enhanced experience for those involved in the iOS ecosystem. The update isn't too big; on an iPhone XS it's just 381.7MB. Those include the notification preview on the iPhone XR via haptic touch as well as a more tablet-friendly News app on iPads. The list of carriers supporting its new dual SIM eSIM feature for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR has been updated and AT&T is the first carrier in the USA to support it. Consider that on iOS 11, flipping the camera on FaceTime required a single tap.

The update also brings some FaceTime improvements.

Be sure to backup your iOS device either via iCloud or by plugging it into a computer with iTunes.

Image Apple
Image Apple

Next, you'll need to download the update.

Users can download and install the update in Settings General Software Update. While iOS 11 was plagued with any number of performance issues, Apple with iOS 12 chose to focus on system stability and reliability, a decision which has paid off swimmingly. Click Check for Update and it will download, than install the latest update.

Follow that update, this minor iOS 12.1.1 update also fixes what has become a major annoyance in Apple's FaceTime revamp: switching between front and rear cameras with a single tap.

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