PlayStation Classic Could Have Featured 'Crash Bandicoot' And More

Doris Richards
December 6, 2018

We thought we knew everything about the little retro console with Sony detailing the full game list for the device in late October.

The menu outlines several hidden emulation options that you can only see if you connect the right USB keyboard to the console.

At the moment, this trick only seems to work using Logitech and Corsair keyboards, with the Logitech G15, and Corsair K95 specifically being mentioned in the thread.

Some of the options that are found in this hidden emulation menu are additional RAM based save states for each game, CRT-styles scanlines, a frames-per-second display, and modifiable "frameskip" settings.

It is also interesting to note that the emulator's debug menu provides a "Load CD Image" option, which may allow users to inject other PlayStation ROMs into the emulator via the console's USB port - allowing them to play other games.

Firstly, in the video, the two presenters explain how they got into the system by plugging in a keyboard, going into a game, and then hitting the ESC key. Owners of the mini console on ResetEra who have given this a whirl report changing Tekken 3 back to NTSC, and getting the game to run at 60fps.

In addition to settings that could increase the usability of the $99 gaming console, the loophole could also be used by hackers to take full control of the hardware. It's unclear why only certain keyboards can access this hidden menu.

The files reveal all of the 20 games now packed onto the PlayStation Classic, but also reveal a lot more that didn't make the cut.

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